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How to Manage Your Priorities

Course Outline

Gain the skills to:

  • Use practical strategies and techniques to manage your priorities more successfully
  • Overcome common obstacles that interfere with your priority management
  • Distinguish between what must be done, what should be done, and what would be nice to do
  • Reevaluate your workload when taking on new projects with new deadlines

This course demonstrates how to take back control of your workload. You’ll see what the common roadblocks are to completing tasks successfully and learn how to overcome them. Most importantly, learning to manage your workload is bound to improve your working relationships, lead to higher productivity, improve the quality of your work and reduce stress.

Learn how to:

  • Accomplish more—in less time, with fewer resources
  • Set up a task or project so outcomes meet expectations and objectives
  • Collaborate with others to make sure deadlines are necessary and reasonable
  • Develop detailed action plans and schedules for complicated tasks

Available Formats for Employees and Managers

At our training centre in downtown Toronto, 10.00AM to 5.00PM with one hour lunch break.

$899 + GST per participant for a one day workshop,
$1799 + GST per participant for a two day workshop,
$2499 + GST per participant for a three day workshop,

We offer a 10% discount for each additional participant

For Soft Skill Workshops outside the GTA, please contact us at 647-271-3330 or e-mail your request to for pricing giving information like number of participants, convenient dates etc.
















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