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Vendor Selection: A Collaborative Approach

Course Outline

Learn How To

  • Identify and quantify the factors that help define the most appropriate vendor relationship
  • Conduct a make-buy analysis
  • Perform market research to identify an appropriate vendor
  • Determine the appropriate contract type to facilitate success
  • Determine when and how to establish collaborative relationships for win-win results
  • Monitor and control vendor performance to achieve project objectives

Course Synopsis

Determining when to use a vendor and how to select and manage a vendor effectively can make or break even the most carefully planned project. Understanding the factors that determine the most appropriate vendor relationship is crucial to your success. Proactive involvement in establishing the vendor relationship, from selecting the vendor, determining the appropriate type of contract, to establishing the contract terms is essential to effective vendor management and to the success of your project.

In this course, you'll be introduced to a unique model to help determine the most appropriate vendor relationship to address your various project needs. The course covers what you need to know to influence the contracting process in order to establish more effective, long-term, win-win relationships with capable, compatible “partners.” It explores activities that are essential to effective vendor selection and management: articulating the right requirement, building the right relationship, finding the right partner, structuring the right contract and maintaining the right attitude between the parties.

The course will examine the pros and cons of three alternative contractual relationships: arm's-length, collaborative and alliance. Emphasis is placed upon structuring and managing effective collaborative relationships. An integrated case study and appropriate exercises are used throughout the course to apply the lessons learned to real-world scenarios.

Reminder: This is not a course in the basics of contract management. It assumes that the student has already taken Contracting for Project Managers, Commercial Contract Management, Federal Contracting Basics or has equivalent experience involving contract management.

Course Topics

  1. The Right Relationship: Types of Business Relationships
    1. Risk consideration
    2. Arm's-length contractual relationships
    3. Collaborative contractual relationships
    4. Formal business alliances
  2. The Right Relationship: Ethical and Legal Issues
    1. Fairness in the source selection process
    2. Antitrust issues
    3. Treatment of contractors as employees
    4. International issues
      • Export control
      • Taxes and duties
      • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  3. The Right Partner: Best-Value Source Selection
    1. The process
      • Presolicitation process
      • Solicitation process
      • Award process
    2. Contents of source selection plan
  4. The Right Partner: Finding and Qualifying Your Partner
    1. Prerequisites for successful partnering
    2. Characteristics of a good partner
    3. Where to look for potential partners
    4. Characteristics of effective relationships
  5. The Right Contract: Types of Contracts
    1. Risk consideration
    2. Fixed price
    3. Cost-plus-fixed fee
    4. Time and materials
      • Cost-only incentives
      • Multiple incentives
  6. The Right Contract: Master ­Agreements
    1. Types of master agreements
    2. Common elements of master ­agreements
    3. Specific requirements of master agreements
    4. Timing considerations
  7. The Right Relationship: Negotiation and Contract Formation
    1. Win-win vs. win-lose behavior
    2. Collaborative vs. competitive ­negotiation styles
    3. Terms and conditions to facilitate long-term win-win outcomes

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