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Requirements Management: A Key to Project Success

Course Outline

Learn How To

  • Apply a requirements management process to a project life cycle
  • Use proper evaluation techniques to verify and gain agreement upon requirements and that meet specific business and technical objectives
  • Identify formal and informal techniques to manage stakeholder relationships within the requirements management process
  • Implement a change management process to control scope creep

Course Synopsis

Requirements are the foundation of any project, yet the number of project failures attributed to inadequate requirements development and management is staggering. As projects progress, "scope creep" often occurs due to the inability to manage constant change. Customers' needs and the project sponsor's needs frequently seem to be at odds. How does the project manager cope with all the turmoil?

Requirements Management takes the experienced project manager beyond the basics of all aspects of requirements, from concept through closeout. Participants will learn up-to-date practices for requirements management, including proper selection of tools and techniques for specific types of projects. You'll explore evaluation techniques to verify requirements early in the project life cycle so as to prevent costly rework downstream. Even with a solid process for managing requirements, fallout may still result from the battle between important project stakeholders. Participants will practice methods of effective relationship management and negotiation to ensure agreement on functional requirements.

An action-packed, integrated case study will provide experienced project managers, who already have experience with the basics of requirements management, the opportunity to practice new skills in a supportive learning environment. Participants responsible for all types of projects, from construction to new product development to information technology, will take home tools and techniques to put to immediate use.

Course Topics

  1. Requirements Factors Influencing Project Problems
  2. The Project Requirements Process
    1. The project management and requirements management life cycles
    2. Steps in the requirements management process
    3. Fixed and evolving requirements
    4. Organizational standards
  3. Stakeholder Assessment
    1. Identification and categorization
    2. Communication plan
    3. Risk factors
  4. Reconciling Multiple Views
    1. Consideration of legal and market risks
    2. Relationship management process
  5. Critical Success Factors
    1. Traceability matrix
    2. Global requirements mapping
    3. Test plan
    4. Requirements management standards
  6. Requirements Definition
    1. Functional and technical requirements
    2. Identifying multiple views
    3. Global requirements
    4. Tools and techniques
    5. Documentation standards
  7. Evaluation and Approval
    1. Selection of tools and techniques
    2. Requirement/prototype review
    3. Risk assessment
    4. Baseline documentation
  8. Change Management
    1. Evaluate policy for project needs
    2. Establish business criteria for change control
    3. Select tools and techniques
    4. Success criteria
  9. Validation of Project Outcomes
    1. Acceptance criteria
    2. Project test results
  10. Closeout Procedures

Available Formats for Employees and Managers

At our training centre in downtown Toronto, 10.00AM to 5.00PM with one hour lunch break.

$2499 + GST per participant for a three day workshop,

We offer a 10% discount for each additional participant

For Soft Skill Workshops outside the GTA, please contact us at 647-271-3330 or e-mail your request to for pricing giving information like number of participants, convenient dates etc.

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