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Commercial Contract Management Applications

Course Outline

Learn How To

  • Apply team-building strategies in a contract management environment
  • Analyze an RFP and evaluate the risk vs. opportunity
  • Put together a winning proposal
  • Plan and conduct contract negotiations
  • Apply contract administration best practices in a real-world situation

Course Synopsis

You should take this course after you have completed the first four core courses if you are participating in the Master's Certificate in Commercial Contract Management program. Or, you may elect to attend this course if you have already completed several other core courses. By synthesizing, reinforcing, and building on the competencies gained in the other courses, this highly concentrated course is a complete guide to applying the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Working in teams, you will complete an extensive and realistic simulation in which you confront challenges typical of those that arise throughout the life cycle of a contract. Your team will identify and analyze problems, weigh alternative solutions, make trade-offs, and take action based on your decisions. You will also confront issues involving communication difficulties, internal conflicts, conflicting assertions of fact, clashing contract interpretations, ethical dilemmas, unexpected events, and unreasonable customer demands. Each phase of the simulation is the subject of group discussion and evaluation. You will leave the program with firsthand experience in managing a wide variety of situations through a multifunctional team approach.

Course Topics

  1. Team Building
    1. Project assignment
      • Initial project assignment
      • Team ownership
    2. Organizational assessment: working with what you have
      • Staffing
      • Resources
      • Management support
    3. Options assessment
      • Preemptive troubleshooting
      • Historic review
  2. Preproposal Analysis and Planning
    1. Analyzing the market
    2. Assessing risk vs. opportunity
    3. Building the team and reviewing roles
    4. Developing a plan to complete the proposal
  3. Preparing a Winning Proposal
    1. Evaluating the requirement
    2. Evaluating terms and conditions
    3. Obtaining the team's commitment
    4. Writing the winning proposal
    5. Delegating to team members
    6. Managing time constraints
  4. Proposal Evaluation and Source Selection
    1. Evaluation methods
    2. Scoring and selection
  5. Negotiation/Agreement
    1. Prenegotiation planning
      • Fact finding
      • Issue development
      • Position development
      • Strategy development
    2. Negotiation
      • Exploratory sessions
      • Joint-gain resolution
    3. Postnegotiation actions
      • Memoranda of understanding and letters of intent
      • Communication
      • Precontract agreements
  6. Contract Formation
    1. Delivery schedule
    2. Products and services—statements of work and specifications
    3. Payment
    4. Other terms and conditions
    5. Signed contract
  7. Pre-performance Planning
    1. Project kickoff meeting
      • Goals
      • Participants
      • Principal points
    2. Project planning
  8. Contract Administration—Real-Life Challenges
    1. Kickoff meeting
    2. Performance problems
    3. Interpreting contract requirements
    4. Reporting progress
    5. Managing changes
    6. Negotiations
    7. Dispute resolution
    8. Invoicing and payments
    9. Acceptance
    10. Warranties
    11. Documentation of lessons learned
  9. Contract Closeout
    1. Completion of work
    2. Final settlement
    3. Continuing obligations
  10. Lessons Learned and Best Practices Summary
    1. Individual assessments
    2. Team assessments

Available Formats for Employees and Managers

At our training centre in downtown Toronto, 10.00AM to 5.00PM with one hour lunch break.

$2499 + GST per participant for a three day workshop,

We offer a 10% discount for each additional participant

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